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The Solution to the Disorganized Right.

“The CCC has helped us keep up with events, and coordinate our efforts.”

Julie Foucher

"Every Patriot should have an account with the CCC”

Tobias Hardy


  1. 1
    Coordinated Action and Support
    Groups, events, trends, we centralize the most important information and inform our members of the best course of action for best over all impact in the online battle ground.
  2. 2
    Events and Breaking News
    Get breaking news, with information to act on it, and act in events put on by the CCC organized for impact.
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    Survival Materials and Optimized Merchandise
    Seed Bundles, water purifiers, self defense weapons, long lasting food, and more. Represent your group while supporting conservative owned Businesses.


Preserve the future of our people.


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How we Coordinate Users

We review happenings, organize them by importance, and create and curate counter arguments and movements, and inform our users by all means to take different actions, increasing their contributions.

Why We're Effective

The CCC narrows it's focus to the main narrative points we can control, analyses what we need to succeed, and distributes resources far and wide to see our goal accomplished.

Our main Focuses

Education, Media, Workplaces, Money, Political changes, LGBT Agenda, Sex Trafficking, Immigration, Hedonism, and the 2nd Amendment are our primary concerns. These have been strategically selected to include smaller sub-issues, like "porn" which could fall under media, sex trafficking, and feminism.

Who We Are

The CCC Administration is headed by old root Americans, who's forefathers died in more than one war. We are full time marketers by trade.

How this Site Works

The site revolves around groups, these groups have specific information in them to help them accomplish their goals. The rest of the site is built around facilitating basic survival needs.

Why we Started the CCC

The CCC was started in an effort to combat slanderous and lying news. The right is unheard, disorganized, uninformed, and lacks the time to change this.